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Development Goals

We explore community-based conservation, utilization and innovation of agrobiodiversity and traditional knowledge, promote agricultural green transformation and improve food security and nutrition for urban and rural residents, and contribute diversified and sustainable food systems.

Farmers’ Seed Systems Enhancement

We support farmers and researchers to cooperate in Participatory Plant Breeding (PPB), collaborate with public research institutes to strengthen the diversity of plant germplasm resources, and raise awareness and capacity of in situ conservation and breeding.

We create synergy between in situ seedconservation and formal gene banks by facilitating farmers to get technical support from plant scientists on PPB, community biodiversity registration (CBR) and community seed bank (CSB), in order to support active and sustainable seed system and safeguard national seed security.

Rural-Urban Linkage for Food Security and Nutrition

We support farmers to develop socio-ecological circular farming, enhance market capability, and promote sustainable food systems through strengthening rural-urban linkage.

We promote the re-adaptation to heirloom and ecological seeds as the basis of circular farming in smallholder farming communities and ecological farms to achieve Agricultural Green Transformation and Rural Vitalization Agenda. We apply participatory guarantee systems (PGS) and community supported agriculture (CSA) models to build circular economy and form mutual trust between producers and consumers.

Native Wisdom Inheritance and Innovations

We identify, analyze and integrate traditional bio-cultural knowledge and wisdom into climate change adaptation.

We explore effective governance mechanisms between farming system, biodiversity and traditional knowledge, cooperate with Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) sites to provide solutions to the challenges of socio-economic and climate change and promote sustainable development.  

Policy Research and Advocacy

We monitor domestic and international laws and policy progress, organize multi-stakeholder policy dialogue and propose policy recommendations based on action research results.

We follow up with international treaties on biodiversity, climate change, and plant germplasm resources and closely monitor the progress of domestic agrarian policies and seed laws. We cooperate with government departments at all levels to shape decision-making process through policy dialogues, proposals, and media campaigns.

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